About Us

Clockwise is a Launceston based establishment that specialises in the art of time.

The story behind Clockwise begins in 1985, when our founder, horologist Graham Mulligan, first learnt about the craft of clock and watch repairs. After years of inquisitive tinkering, reading and learning, Graham and his wife Sallie opened Clockwise in 1992.

As well as selling mechanical clocks and watches, our passion for investigating what makes things tick (or stop ticking) is a skill that takes patience, and an art form as old as time itself.

Clockwise has a long history of restoring antique timepieces from around the world, and has been trusted with maintaining the historic town clock in our hometown of Launceston, Tasmania for over 10 years. 

Our history and knowledge of the craft of horology will soon be published in our very own book, ‘Tasmania on Time’Written in collaboration with Julian Burgess, Tasmania on Time detailcomprehensive history and directory of clock and watchmakers in Tasmania from 1803 to today.

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