Mulligan Bespoke Clocks

After reading the book called Longitude written by Dava Sobel in about 1998, I became inspired to build my own interesting timepieces.

The first project I embarked on was a French inspired Automaton resembling a steam boiler. It was made up of old clock parts. The next was a simple 8-day movement with the clock being a pocket watch movement set into the pendulum. Then the next 2 clocks were a small and a medium size skeleton clock.

I wanted to build something very unusual after reading an article in The Horological Journal on dual pendulum clocks and was inspired to build my own version. You can read about this in another blog on Clock No. 5.

No. 6 was entirely my own design and is called a detached Mystery Regulator. After repairing a French double dial mystery pendulum hanging clock, I came up with the idea to design something similar in a miniature version and put it into its own case made of huon pine and ebony, hence No. 7.

Reading a set of 3 books titled Precision Pendulum Clocks by Derek Roberts inspired the creation of Clock No. 8, and Clock No. 9 is my interpretation of rare Breguet 3-wheel skeleton clocks.

In 2020, No. 10 is in progress.


Graham Mulligan, June 2020.